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We are a combined family with three generations living on our 40-acre property. It all started back in 2017, when we decided that we wanted a larger property for our three horses and goat. We looked for a very long time before we settled on a property in Lewisburg, TN. We decided to make a living off of what we purchased, and that is exactly what we have done. We have sought out high quality animals to help us in our endeavors to succeed, on top of working our land to produce hay/crops. We have since learned how to make products with the goat milk that we produce every year, such as, lotion, soap and lip balm. We, as a family, participate in several events throughout the year doing horse and goat shows. Our goal is to have top quality animals for both show and pet homes. 

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Goat Lotions, Soaps and Lip balm

A little information about our animals on our property. 

Our Goats:

All of our goats are on milk test with ADGA through Dairy One. We are waiting on the final say for 2021 to see if they will be doing LA scoring again. We are trying to breed animals with top production, as well as, have animals that can compete in the show ring.

As of 2020, we have one doe to earn her superior genetics, one doe earn her milk stars across the board and one earn a dry leg toward her permanent champion status. We earned several ribbons this year but only had one go grand champion. We have goals set next year to reach for higher with our girls.

Our Tennessee Walking Horses:

We currently have two brood mares, that foaled in 2020, and one show mare that competed in the ring.

Both of our brood mares produced colts in 2020. One is listed as for sale and the other is being retained at this time. 

Our show mare competed in several shows this year and made her way to the grand championship, where she placed third.

Our Mini Horses:

Our mini horses have the very special task of being unicorns at birthday parties. They enjoy their job and all the special cookies that comes with the job.

Our Mini Cow:

We currently only have one mini Scottish Highlander. 


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